Networking Event@DC – a report

On Wednesday (Mai 29), we participated in the Doctoral Convention’s Networking Event for the upcoming elections. We had the opportunity to get to know some of the candidates running for Faculty Councils and discuss positions.


As announced earlier and according to the agenda, there were talks on the Doctoral Convention, Senate, representative structures including their reform and us, Freie Doktoranden. Theresa Möke presented some charts illustrating the classification and representation of doctoral researchers.


Subsequently, we discussed some of the scheduled topics. Whereas we had to postpone a part of the questions, we treated the following ones with the following results:

a) Information about council affairs

  • 3.a.i.: The DC’s website should be used to introduce the elected candidates.
  • 3.a.ii.: Information about University politics should be provided on the DC’s website.

b) Institutions and participation

  • 3.b.i.1.: Participation in VS-structures should be fostered. Freie Doktoranden should not insistently infiltrate these bodies, but soft/psychological thresholds for doctoral participation should be lowered.
    Fachschaften differ to a broad extent. The feasibility of doctoral participation therein depends on their respective structures.
    One of the attendees will run for Studierendenrat as a party-candidate already in this year’s elections.
  • 3.b.i.2.: Doctoral Convention is in closer proximity to some parts of University Administration than other groups or councils. It specifically represents doctoral interests – not only those of enrolled doctoral students – on a neutral basis and will still be the gatekeeper for some council-seats (e.g. Graduate Academy).
  • 3.b.i.3. – Postponed –
  • 3.b.ii.1.: A translation should be provided. University Administration should be asked to send English short manuals with the election documents before the next elections.
  • 3.b.ii.2.a.: Most of the attendees feel as doctoral students, even though some feel as doctoral students and employees at the same time. Almost all prefer a default assignment to “eingeschriebene Doktoranden”.
  • 3.b.ii.2.b. – Postponed –
  • 3.b.ii.3.: We should rely on classical methods of communication. Posters should be used before important events, information should be spread by word of mouth.
  • 3.b.iii. – Postponed –