Faculty Councils

Together with the Senate election, the Faculty Council elections will take place. We are a union of candidates for Senate and Faculty Councils – a broad and diverse alliance representing doctoral interests on all levels of administration.

Faculty of Physics and Astronomy

Candidate 1:
Linda Shen

Kirchhoff-Institute for Physics

group: Many-Body Quantum Dynamics (Martin Gärttner)

Candidate 2:
Maurus Hans

Kirchhoff-Institute for Physics

group: Synthetic Quantum Systems (Markus Oberthaler)

Candidate 3:
Jan-Hendrik Oelmann

Max-Planck-Institute for Nuclear Physics

group: Quantum dynamics and control (Thomas Pfeifer)

Candidate 4:
Torsten Victor Zache

Institute for Theoretical Physics

group: Quantum field theory far from equilibrium (Jürgen Berges)