About us

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We are a free association of doctoral students who want to support good conditions for your doctorate at the University of Heidelberg. Many of us have already been involved in university politics and committee work, are active in the Doctoral Convention or have been active in student associations (Fachschaften). We place importance on forming a broad alliance and on representing the interests of doctoral students at the University of Heidelberg independently of party political intentions.

We can only improve the situation of doctoral students together. We are in close contact with the Doctoral Convention and the Student Council (Studierendenrat) and intend to intensify this cooperation during the Senate period and extend it to the other status groups.

The doctorate differs. The problems and difficulties can be very diverse, depending on the subject, the institute, the type of financing or employment, the previous experience at home and abroad. Therefore, we have taken care to ensure that as many doctoral paths and subject backgrounds as possible are represented in our group.

Below you will find information on the individual candidates and their special concerns:

List position 1: Theresa Möke

I am a research assistant at the Heidelberg Academy of Sciences and Humanities and I am writing my PhD thesis on a topic in Political Theology. Besides working there I am member of the Executive Committee of the Doctoral Convention and in doing so I am holding the advisory senate seat for PhD students. Thereby, I represent the interests of all Heidelberg doctoral candidates in the University Senate and especially accompanied the process of implementing the doctoral candidates as new status group in Heidelberg the last months.

Given the chance to hold a voting seat in senate I would especially like to work for a better involvement and stronger appreciation of doctoral candidates in the research work of the university. Furthermore, I think it particularly important to further an intensified interdisciplinary exchange between doctoral students as also to stronger involve them in society’s discourse.

I am very much looking forward to answer any of your questions via mail or also while meeting personally. Just write me to the following mail address: moeke@freie-doktoranden.de.

List position 2: Maximilian Kellner

I’m 24 years old and doing a doctorate on a fundamental problem of criminal law while working at the Institute for Criminology. I attended the implementation of the new status group for doctoral students including the representation in university-bodies as a member of a Doctoral Students Convention-working group.

In senate, I would like to advocate PhD-related concerns with legal expertise – one of my main topics being improvements to the intolerable supervision- and working-conditions at some departments.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me about your questions or suggestion via e-mail: kellner@freie-doktoranden.de

List position 3: Linda Shen

I am a doctoral student in physics working on simulations of quantum systems out of equilibrium.

As a member of the Executive Committee of the Doctoral Convention, I am currently representing doctoral candidates in two university boards (Advisory Board of the Graduate Academy & Council for Graduate Studies). Here, I was able to gain insight into the issues regarding doctoral students at the university.

I consider it as very important that the opinion of doctoral students is taken into account in the decision-making process of the university senate. Along these lines, the dependence of doctoral students on their supervisors should be decreased. The university structures should allow for productive and versatilely qualifying doctoral studies.

I am happy if you get in touch with me via shen@freie-doktoranden.de.

List position 4: Martin Schröter

List position 5: Thomas Rudzki

I’m 27 and do my PhD in physics. I am working in experimental particle physics where I am part of the research group for the pixel detector of the Mu3e experiment located at PSI in Switzerland.

I was active as a students representative during my bachelor and master studies. I would like to use the experience I gained in several committees also as a representative for PhD students.

My main goal for the senate is to provide fair and acceptable conditions for the graduation university wide. This takes into account reasonable salary, the possibility to follow own ideas while being supervised in an appropriate way.

You can reach my via rudzki@freie-doktoranden.de.

List position 6: Bruno Faigle-Cedzich

I am a doctoral student at the faculty of physics where I study ultracold quantum gases in different dimensions.

In addition to my Bachelor (and partly Master) studies I have campaigned for student needs in different faculty committees and now I would like to apply my knowledge in the Senate for the interests of PhD students.

It is important that the voice of PhD students is perceived at our university and that their work is valued. In particular, the possibility of interdisciplinarity should be promoted and the working conditions (as far as possible) adapted and improved.

Please feel free to contact me at faigle-cedzich@freie-doktoranden.de.